IsiPayroll is a payroll software and attendance software combined into one to simplify

the payroll processing. The software is fully compliant to Papua New Guinea's payroll processing

and what's good about it compared to other existing payroll system is that it is

designed to make it easier for the user to collect and prepare attendance sheets and integrate

these attendance sheets into payroll process without too much hastle.


What's more interesting about IsiPayroll is that it is entirely free for use for up to 2 employees only.

If you wish to use it for more than 2 employees, you may want to subscribe to the paid license

and you will be able to use it for unlimited number of employees and unlimited branches.


If you have subscribed for the paid license, we will also provide you a Biometric Machine with

which your employees can use to scan their finger onto. IsiPayroll's Time Attendance feature has

a module that can collect and manage the collected attendance records and can do all the late calculations,

time corrections, printing and sorting for you.


For K5,000 (Kina), you will get the IsiPayroll with Attendance Module enabled and a brand new Fingerprint

Biometric Machine. Please note that we will not provide a biometric machine for the free version.